Dear Developers

The implementation of ILIAS 6.0 and the conversion of the entire layout of ILIAS has progressed. After the development of the UI components `Page, `MainBar`, `MetaBar` and `Slate` by CaT, the integration of the components is now implemented in the PR .

This implementation has required extensive adjustments to the ILIAS code and provides a new instance `ilGlobalPageTemplate` (as a replacement for `ilGlobalTemplate`), together with extensions to the GlobalScreen service.

Currently the implementation works for almost all sites that have used `ilGlobalTemplate` before. Not changed are all jobs that use their own instance of ilGlobalTemplate (e.g. `ilPortfolioGlobalTemplate`). Furthermore, components that have used one of the following methods on the global template may also be affected and no longer function as desired:

- `setVariable()`
- `setCurrentBlock()`
- `addBlockFile`
- `touchBlock()`

Further calls are no longer possible, which previously aimed at the "outer" HTML construct or elements, which are newly conceived as slates, such as e.g..:

- `resetHeaderBlock()`
- `setLoginTargetPar()`

The PR 1775 will be merged this evening (25.4.2019). As supported by TB and Matthias Kunkel at the last ILIAS Weekly, the trunk may not be fully functional for some time due to the merge. In view of the overall project of the page layout revision we have accepted this state.

If you have any questions in your components, please contact me anytime:

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