Dear Maintainers and Developers

As decided during last JF we kindly ask you to fill your maintenance-infos using the newly introduced maintenance.json-files in trunk and using the DeveloperTool "maintainers":


Step 1:
Checkout the DeveloperTool-Repository within your local ILIAS-Repo:

$ cd Customizing
$ git checkout tools

Step 2:
Install the dependencies:

$ cd Customizing/global/tools/maintainers
$ composer install
$ sudo apt-get install php7.0-mbstring

Step 3:
Check if your maintainer-account is already registred:

$ php run.php -c maintainers
Available Maintainers:

| username              | model |
| fschmid               | 21087 |
| kunkel                | 115   |


If not, check the file maintainers.json. Is there already an entry with your and User-ID?
Add a line

   "username": "username(123)",

if missing.

Step 4:
Chek if your component already are registred:

$ php run.php -c components

Available Components:

| name                          | model   |
| Administration                | Classic |
| Authentication & Registration | Classic |
| Bookmarks                     | Classic |

If not, check the components.json. Are all your components listed there? Add one, e.g.

"RBAC": {
        "directories": [],
        "name": "RBAC",
        "first_maintainer": "smeyer",
        "second_maintainer": "smeyer",
        "tester": "username(123)",
        "testcase_writer": "username(123)",
        "modell": "Classic",
        "coordinators": []

if your component is missing. You just have to fill out "Component Name", "name" and
"first_maintainer". The "modell" is "Classic" for nearly everything. "directories" will be
filled out automatically.

Step 5:
Run the script (see above). If there is a maintenance.json missing in your components directories,
it will be genereated now.
After that, open and edit the desired maintenance.json-File in your directory, e.g.:

vi /Services/AccessControl/maintenance.json

    "maintenance_model": "Classic", # Use Classic here
    "first_maintainer": "", # Your account-username (e.g. fschmid works as well as fschmid(21087))
    "second_maintainer": "", # Same format as first-maintainer
    "implicit_maintainers": [], # Same format as first-maintainer
    "coordinator": "", # Same format as first-maintainer
    "tester": "", # Same format as first-maintainer
    "testcase_writer": "", # Same format as first-maintainer
    "path": "Services/AccessControl", # You do not have to change this
    "belong_to_component": "None", # Write teh exact name of the component as its registred in components.json
    "used_in_components": [] # If this directory is used in several components, list them (with the exact name).

Step 6:
Run the file-generation

$ php run.php -c generate
ILIAS has 29 maintained and 148 unmaintained Directories in 43 components
Writing MD-File

The files

will be updated. Push the changes in this repository. The chnages in the ILIAS repository currently
can be pushed, too. After we completed the file, changes are only allowed by Pull Request.

If you have any question feel free to write to the forum:

Liebe Grüsse


Fabian Schmid
Member of the Executive Board
Head of Software Development

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