Dear Developer,

As you may have heard I took over the maintenance of the UICore service and therefore ilCtrl as well. I am aware of an issue in trunk, where ILIAS cannot be used when clean-installed due to ilCtrl. As far as I know, thats in most of the cases because of a missing `@ilCtrl_isCalledBy` for the `ilStartUpGUI`. 

As I am am currently refactoring the existing ilCtrl class and modify it's storage of the call structure, I will release a version for trunk where this will be fixed. 
Unfortunately I have to take absence until the 20th of September and will not be able to finish it before, therefore the version will rollout somewhere at the end of September. In the meantime Fabian Schmid as the 2nd maintainer will be there to assist with critical Bugs until my return. 

Thanks for your understanding.
Kind regards,

Thibeau Fuhrer
Junior Software Developer

Team ILIAS Core 1
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