Dear ILIAS developers,
The last Jour Fixe decided to create a release branch for ILIAS 5.3 as soon as possible and to open the trunk for new Kitchen Sink elements and commits of new features. This should speed up the development of ILIAS and making new UI elements available for the upcoming 5.4 development.
The release branch has now been created in our GitHub repository at and is called ‚release_5-3‘ .
The trunk is now open for new developments.
If you are running your own 5.3 test installation and you update it from GitHub automatically, please change the requested branch from ‚trunk‘ to ‚release_5-3‘.
If you are committing bug fixes for the upcoming 5.3 stable release, please commit your fixes to the new release branch and to the trunk as well.
In case of questions, please post them in our developer forum at
Kind regards
Anton Arsenij
ILIAS system administrator
ILIAS open source e-Learning e.V.