[dev] Second developer workshop "View" mechanism

Burkhardt, Katharina kb at studer-raimann.ch
Do Mai 2 09:27:03 CEST 2019

Dear all

As announced, we would like to invite you to participate in the Doodle for
the second developer workshop concerning the "View" mechanism:
Fabian will discuss with you in detail how he understands the mechanism,
combining Global Screen Service and NavigationContext Service.

Afterwards we are very interested in your opinions, want to explore
stumbling blocks and work out solutions and/or a further procedure.

The following questions will be important:

   - Will the interaction between View/Screen and NavigationContext work
   from your point of view?
   - From your point of view, are there any other views/screens that have
   not yet been included in the feature request? What about those that have
   not yet been classified (LTI view and learning module SCORM (setting: main
   menu inactive))?
   - Which views/screens should be maintained in ILIAS 6.0?

We are happy if you take a closer look into our feature request (check
https://docu.ilias.de/goto_docu_wiki_wpage_5900_1357.html) until the
workshop and would be happy about a discussion :-)

Best regards
Fabian and Katharina

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