[dev] Security Group

Michael Jansen mjansen at databay.de
Do Mai 16 18:34:50 CEST 2019

Dear developers/administrators/users,

as announced at the ILIAS development conference in Cologne, the
Technical Board is looking for volunteers interested in founding/joining
a/the ILIAS security group. This is a valuable contribution to the
project and we welcome participants with all backgrounds, so you don’t
have to be a security research specialist (though you of course may be
one). We’re also looking for helpers with strong communication skills,
documentation writers and evangelists.

The group will first be tasked with supporting our security process [1],
i.e. answering to incoming security issues, operating the security
tracker and follwing up on issues. We hope to expand the tasks of the
group in the future to further develop our security process.

Interested people will be invited to a VC meeting (a Doodle link will be
provided) where the security process will be introduced in detail to all
participants and then we’ll see to find that proper role in our team for

Best regards
Michael Jansen

on behalf of the ILIAS e.V. and the Technical Board


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