[ilAdmins] Drop PHP 5 Support

Richard Klees richard.klees at concepts-and-training.de
Tue May 16 12:16:54 CEST 2017

Dear ILIAS admins,

the Jour Fixe of the ILIAS Society discussed the question how to proceed
with the supported PHP versions on the last meeting [1].

To finally take the decision on the next meeting on 22.05 we need your
feedback on the issue:

Is there anyone who is in severe trouble if we would drop the support
for PHP 5 completely with the subsequent release of ILIAS (i.e. ILIAS
5.4)? Do you see any problems if ILIAS 5.4, that will be released
somewhere around end of 2018, only supports PHP > 7?

Please use the wiki page [1] to voice your opinion.

If we do not get any feedback we will decide to drop support for PHP 5
completely with the subsequent ILIAS release.

[1] http://www.ilias.de/docu/goto_docu_wiki_wpage_4770_1357.html
[2] http://php.net/releases/7_1_0.php

Best regards!
Richard Klees
on behalf of the Technical Board of the ILIAS Society

and also

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