[ilAdmins] ILIAS 6 Upgrade: Issue with forum threads

Michael Jansen mjansen at databay.de
Do Aug 13 11:07:44 CEST 2020

Dear list members,

there is an issue[1] with a duplicate forum posting root node created
(for every thread) when upgrading from ILIAS 5.4 to ILIAS 6. The good
thing is: No data is lost. But the original (hidden) root node of the
thread is now visible (as posting), and users are able create child
nodes (by responding) below (which they should not)!

The issue does ONLY occur IF you already upgraded from an ILIAS 5.4.x
installation to ILIAS 6.0 or 6.1, where the hotfix 26 in ILIAS 5.4.x has
been already executed. It does NOT occur when upgrading from ILIAS < 5.4.x.

If you plan to upgrade to ILIAS 6, please wait until the release of
ILIAS 6.2 or install ILIAS 6 from the latest GIT revision.The release
date for 6.2 is currently being considered by the product- and
release-managers. Please watch the schedule at ILIAS.de or the JourFixe
protocols for updates on that.

Furthermore I will provide a new hotfix for ILIAS 6 (which will take
some time for review and tests).

Best regards

[1] https://mantis.ilias.de/view.php?id=28765

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